Mariam Kiran

Mariam Kiran
Research Scientist
Advanced Network Technologies Group

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Mariam’s research focuses on learning and decentralized optimization of system architectures and algorithms for high performance computing, underlying networks and Cloud infrastructures. She has been exploring various platforms such as HPC grids, GPUs, Cloud and SDN-related technologies. Her work involves optimization of QoS, performance using parallelization algorithms and software engineering principles to solve complex data intensive problems such as large-scale complex simulations. Over the years, she has been working with biologists, economists, social scientists, building tools and performing optimization of architectures for multiple problems in their domain.

Mariam joins ESnet as a Research Scientist, working on intent-based networking and engineering intelligent networks for optimizing performance and user experience. Before coming to Berkeley Lab, she worked as an Associate Professor at University of Bradford (UK), focusing on Software engineering and building her Cloud Computing research group, looking at infrastructure-related issues particularly exploring Openstack, AWS and Azure, building an in-house cloud for experimentation called BradStack. Previous to this, she held Postdoctoral research positions at University of Leeds and Sheffield working on HPC and MultiCloud optimization problems. Her work has led to multiple publications in the area of optimizing agent-based simulations over HPC and Cloud, building virtual platforms, Internet of things (IoT) and been involved in multiple EU-research projects and initiatives. She finished her PhD in Computer Science and MSc (Eng) in Software Engineering from University of Sheffield (UK) in 2010 and 2007 respectively.

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Current Research

Intent-based networking

Machine learning and applications in High Performance Networks

Decentralized deep learning


Agent-based modelling platform which allows users to create decentralized models in various fields such as biology, social networks and economics. FLAME allows programming of intelligent agents to study how complex systems evolve when decentralized learning and game theory principles apply. FLAME automates parallelization of agent code using MPI for HPC and GPU tools.

Cloud computing software which allows building clouds that can provision on demand resources based on trust, risk, energy and cost demands. Optimis was part of an EU-funded FP7 project and released software tools via Atos (Spain) and BT (UK).

  • BradStack

Cloud computing project to investigate building clouds from ground using minimum hardware resources and experimenting with Openstack solutions. This project was an internal research group project to allow PhD students to understand how clouds exist and test out their fault tolerance and performance modelling tools on a in-house cloud infrastructure.

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Conference Papers

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This paper presents an implementation of the lambda architecture design pattern to construct a data-handling backend on Amazon EC2, providing high throughput, dense and intense data demand delivered as services, minimizing the cost of the network maintenance. This paper combines ideas from database management, cost models, query management and cloud computing to present a general architecture that could be applied in any given scenario where affordable online data processing of Big Datasets is needed. The results are presented with a case study of processing router sensor data on the current ESnet network data as a working example of the approach. The results showcase a reduction in cost and argue benefits for performing online analysis and anomaly detection for sensor data

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