The ESnet Engineering Team

ESnet engineers are available to assist scientists and laboratory site technical staff in resolving network problems and developing solutions that meet their requirements. Services range from time-critical troubleshooting of routing and performance problems, to architectural and technological consulting
 for network upgrades and performance enhancements.

Evangelos Chaniotakis

Evangelos Chaniotakis is a member of the Network Engineering Group, as well as a core software developer for the ESnet OSCARS virtual circuit reservation and provisioning system. He is also involved in several international standardization activities related to virtual circuits, such as the OGF Network Standards Interface working group, and he is the chair of the GLIF GNI API Task Force.  Read More

Patrick Dorn

Patrick Dorn's responsibilities include the configuration and management of ESnet devices, internal tool development, and general network engineering duties. Dorn has more than a decade of experience working with high performance networking in the research and education community.  He comes to ESnet from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), where he served in both…  Read More

Chin Guok

Chin Guok joined ESnet in 1997 as a network engineer, focusing primarily on network statistics. He was a core engineer in the testing and production deployment of MPLS and QoS (Scavenger Service) within ESnet.  He is the technical lead of the ESnet On-demand Secure Circuits and Advanced Reservation System (OSCARS) project which enables end-users to provision guaranteed bandwidth virtual circuits…  Read More

Michael O’Connor

Mike O’Connor goes by his UNIX ID “moc” since there where so many Mikes already at ESnet. He started his career as a software engineer at Robotic Vision Systems, working on real-time robotic applications for General Motors and later electronic inspection systems for global chip and circuit board manufacturers. Before joining ESnet, MOC served as the manager of Brookhaven Lab’s Network…  Read More

Michael Sinatra

Michael Sinatra is engaged in assisting Department of Energy Labs transition to IPv6, working on ESnet’s Domain Name System (DNS) and its security extensions (DNSSEC), as well as performing general network engineering duties. Sinatra came to ESnet from the University of California, Berkeley, where he worked as principal network engineer for eleven years. While pursuing a master's degree in…  Read More