Testbed Description

The components of our 100Gbps SDN testbed are shown below. (PDF of the figure below)

Generic Testbed Capabilities

  • Access to high-speed hosts with 100G Ethernet NICs, fast RAID disk systems, running the latest Linux kernel.
  • Ability to create point to point as well as multi-point circuits using SDN.
  • Ability to try out various types of QoS options with SDN
  • Ability to add your own virtual switches (OVS) and virtual sites using VMs on the testbed.

Some specific use cases we plan to support include:

  • Assess the impact of various types of QoS on application performance. For example, for various numbers of parallel streams, TCP/UDP variants, tuning settings, what QoS settings give the best performance.
  • Intelligent Network Architecture
    • Dynamic traffic steering using: based on emulated packet loss characteristics, steer a data flow along an alternate path.
    • Test various SDN architectures leveraging flexible OVS switches, hardware SDN switches, and complex overlay topologies
  • Performance testing
    • Multi-point TCP testing
    • Dynamically add perfSONAR hosts to a multi-point VLAN and run a test
    • Use packet header analysis to trigger setting up a new path based on loss characteristics
  • Security testing
    • Dynamic packet capture for IDS's based on the traffic profile