Past Projects

Below is an archive of prior ESnet projects and planning workshops.

Green Networking

Creating the "green" networks of the future According to a number of studies, IT can consume up to 2 percent of a nation’s total energy production. Much of the scientific data carried by ESnet and fellow research and education (R&E) networks is either generated by simulations at supercomputing centers, or ends up at data centers for storage, analysis, and access by others. These have been…  Read More

BGP Route Reflection

Introduction When the Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4) was defined in RFC 1771, the rules of deployment specified that all routers running the protocol (BGP speakers) within a single Autonomous System (AS) had to be fully meshed. This requirement for complete internal BGP (IBGP) exchange was necessary to re-distribute external routing information to all other routers within the AS. With…  Read More