ESnet Network Operating System (ENOS)

ESnet Network Operating System (ENOS) was a set of two open source projects, netshell and enos, aimed at supporting the Software Defined Network (SDN) research conducted on the ESnet 100G SDN Testbed.

Netshell is a small distributed operating system, running within a Java Virtual Machine, that is designed to securely manage network resources, such as switches, routers, and servers, and allow authorized applications to use them. Those netshell applications implements network policies and services. Netshell currently includes:

  • Interactive Shell
  • SSH server
  • Java Security Manager
  • Role-based access control to resources
  • Generic API to network resources and services
  • Java and Python application support
  • Hook to external SDN controllers (OpenDaylight)

ENOS is a set of Netshell applications implementing services for the ESnet SDN testbed. Currently, the following services are implemented:

  • Layer 2 Topology
  • Multipoint Layer2 provisioning (Multipoint VPN)

More information on ENOS: